Monday, October 12, 2009

Absolute freedom

I have never been so free in my life. If you ask me to summerize the experience of this particular day i would say only two words. Perfect balance. Somehow everything  seems in perfect harmony. It almost feels like the end of the way at its very beginning.
I don`t have any hard feelings, any resentments, no regrets worth mentioning and here am i in the center of Budapest, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world starting the greatest journey of my life. Journey East.
Let me explain a little further.

I have or rather had what one might consider a normal life. Happy childhood, school, high school, University. After finishing my Masters in Biochemistry  i was at the crossroads. Actually i wasn`t really. Options were there on the table. Having a nice career, exploring this and that, earning an ok sum of money to get by, probably having children at one point and so on, on till i`d go under. This prospect of knowing almost exactly where i was heading to deeply stirred my mind . I was asking myself the usual  question.

“Ok, is that really it?” If the answer was yes, then i managed somehow to find the true Zen, the superior Truth or whatever name you can put to that which we all are seemingly journeying to. The problem was it just didn`t seem right.  I just didn`t feel like a Supreme Planner of my Destiny. It felt more like being the tooth in a Swiss clockwork. An important part of something but nonetheless a part that can`t be considered as a condition sine qua non. Without which there is not. If the tooth brakes the wheels would still be turning and clock would still be running...

It might sound as an exaggerated statement but i somehow felt deprived of that which is so highly praised in western societies. Individuality. The feeling manifested as an ultimate futility of everything though i was still highly motivated to do whatever i was doing. And i love to do a lot of things. So, the next logical question is:

“Where do i go from here?”

I literally felt almost robotic, as a program that is about to be executed in a predetermined fashion. Where do i go to find that what is suppose to be human inside me? What soil should i choose for the seed of my consciousness? Should i just take what is within my grasp just because i happen to come to being  in “this” here and now. What would happen if i change the “here” and find a different “now”?

I might be wrong in my so doing but hey tell me then who`s the reference? I soon found that pondering any further is useless.
After few months of thinking i just jumped without knowing if the net would appear.
And here i am, in Budapest. Breathing the first breaths of freedom as a journey planner. Journey where?

That`s what i`m about to find out.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why journey planner?

I have always been fascinated by the notion of a journey or better A Journey. There is a certain peculiarity in human nature that makes some of us not  to be quite satisfied with the status quo. A nagging voice that instructs us to look beyond the obvious, to explore the distant horizons.
Whether you go down to the micro world or exploring the spatial bodies with the eyes of the telescopes the question always remains. What is beyond that? What is the final frontier that lies within the reach of our senses and the grasp of our minds. How to embark on a journey towards these distant horizons?
I have come to believe that life as we perceive is a journey of mind in space and time. The questions that arise are what mind actually is and what is its purpose? Is the knowledge that our ancestors managed to compile a step toward finding out this purpose or is it an unnecessary burden that needs to be laid down in order for mind to find its true self.
There have always been people that felt the urge to answer these questions and decided that they have to leave their cultural environment and seek to find the answers elsewhere. Leaving the comforts  of your social environment makes your mind to question itself even more so because it was nurtured by this very cultural environment to begin with and I can safely say that it is in essence  a product of this very environment.
So, bearing this  contemplations in mind I decided to become a Journey Planner, a nomad who transverses the space and time on a journey towards others to understand its own mind. To experience the world that seems deceivingly familiar but yet when you look at it closely seems strange and almost foreign. Why  is that so? Have the rise of The Mind actually detached us from our true nature or it is actually the nature taking another unprecedented twist.
We live in a world that is so saturated with the information, one can not possibly absorb everything that is served by countless different media. Being aware of that you can not but see through how biased our opinions are and therefore our actions. Every day you listen the news about happening in different parts of the world that is partial at best if not wrong all together.
So, what is the solution? What can you really trust if being spoon fed by The Information can well be an illusion of knowledge?
I think the only thing I can do myself is to indulge my lifelong yearning for traveling. To go beyond. If not to the stars at least to other continents because I strongly believe you can only find your true self by delving into it and become aware of your nature which among other things mean to see your reflection in The Other. In the one that doesn`t know you and you don`t know him.

I think this is the only journey worth planning!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Short stop in Maribor

Info PR: 3 I: 7,430,000 L: 0 Cached: 3 May 2011 L: 0Dir: 43Rank: 5 Age: n/aSitemap: no Density
Spirits are High! Fully equipped to get into troubles on the way the crew and myself started the engine. First stop...Maribor . To say goodbye to my grandmother Jelka.

She judgementally adviced me to buy a ticket for Interrail and travel around Europe. "Thank you, granny, it`s a lovley idea! But i want to see Iran, Pakistan, China...!"

"Matija, why, Paaakistan, why?" she implored but decision had been made. After a nice cup of tea and chat with Jelka the crew boarded the vehicle again and continued... you should know by now! EAST!!!!!!!!!

I haven`t mention yet that some members of the crew are a little "geeky" so we had every possible gadget, namely 3 laptops, 2 SLR cameras + lenses, GPS device, different portable stereo systems, few iPods, it would be probably a bit stupid to add that we all had cell phones...

...OK, OK we didn`t bring the Volcano Vaporizer

but hey...let`s keep it straight!

It was evening already. Car panel started glowing in a bright blue hue, iPod shuffled this song...

...and seductive female voice from the GPS device with electronic tone uttered:
"Turn kilometers...!" And so we took the highway to the end of the to Budapest!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beginning thoughts!

You finish school and people ask you: "What do you plan next?"
You buy a car and they ask: "Where do you plan to go?"
You have a GF and grandmother asks you: "When do you plan to have children?"
You want to build a house and someone asks you: "What is your financial plan?"



One might think that it took me months to plan this journey East. Thinking what to take, what to wear, how to travel...etc. Not really! What i´m taking is warm clothes, few books, common sense, smile on my face....or as Romans used to say:

Omnia mea mecum porto (everything i have i carry with me)...YEEEEEES, I always wanted to say this and now it`s for real!!!!!!

The plan is moving East till i reach the point where i started. OK, i could say it is a RTW or round the world trip.

But it is more to test the popular saying "what goes around comes around" or i could say that i just don´t believe what THEY said in school and want to see for myself or if you prefer i just wanted to erradicate any gullability and indoctrination that i took bona fide and for granted.

So, you will find thE Journey Planner is a contradictio in adiecto or a kind of oxymoron to the actual blog. But then again i`ll do some planning along the way.